Mercedes 300E Air Con Electrical Fault

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Hi There,

I posted a question yesterday regarding an electrical fault with my car, an 04/1986 Mercedes W124 300E, but it seems to have gone astray, (or perhaps I didn't press the right buttons and it didn't go anywhere) as there is no recognition in the 'My Questions section that I have posted anything.

I don't have time at the moment to go into the background detail I posted yesterday again, so I'll be brief.

<em>Would a faulty temperature sensor cause the automatic temperature controller in my car's Air Con system to not produce the correct voltage, to send to the compressor cut-out controller, via the pressure switch, to activate the relay? I'm only getting about 80 mV at the pressure switch (open circuit). What voltage should I be getting?</em>

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<em>Gary Hope</em>