Does anyone have any ideas what might cause a Mercedes 722.6, in this case in a 2006 E55 AMG, transmission to refuse to coast?  The problem surfaced a couple weeks ago in the middle of a long drive.  Basically, the transmission wants to stay in lockup mode nearly all of the time.  It shifts mostly normally, although occasionally there have been some rather jolting shifts, but mostly it just will no let go of lockup, behaving somewhat like a manual transmission would.  It also occasionally wants to hold on to a lower gear than it should.


I have already replaced the conductor plate, plug (which was leaking slightly), and the TCC solenoid, but this did not correct the problem.


Any ideas on this one?


Have you tried to reset the transmission by keeping the gas pedal pressed for 30 seconds without the engine running?

Just search 722.6 transmission reset procedure  

Tried that this morning, but it did not seem to do anything at all. Should there be some visual indication of the reset?

Do you have a general Scannar at home? Just to check the problem. It might be able to reveal something. Also, has this problem ever happened to you previously?

No there are audible or visual signs that reset was completed.

I would have someone scann the transmission control unit or a scanner such as iCarsof MB II should be able to tell you if there are any codes.

Let us know what you find out.

I took it to the Mercedes dealer and they said they couldn't see anything wrong with it.  Also gave me a serious tongue lashing for working on it myself. Dude looked and acted exactly like Amon Goeth from Schindler's List, and kept going on and on about how delicate this "special AMG" transmission is and how it was a miracle I managed to not destroy it completely.  Complete horsecrap.  LOL  

I do have an OBD II wireless dongle type scanner, but it isn't working with my new phone for some reason.  Need to order a new one.  There are no idiot lights on the dash or anything like that.  I am in Germany, so not exactly sure where you can go to get something scanned.  I don't think anyone does it for free here.  

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