My car would not pass the smog test. Took it in to a mechanic who said the balance shaft needed to be replaced. Cost: $5000     Apparently this is a problem which Mercedes will not recall despite numerous consumer complaints. He told me that it was not worth fixing as the car is probably not worth more than $5000. Most comparable cars are priced at 5k, but they have 125+ miles on them.

Question: Is it worth fixing? My car is a 2006 Mercedes E350 with less than 50k miles and in good shape. 

Thank you!



What goes bad is the balance shaft gear. And yes it is an expensive repair, in the $5k range. If it was my car what I would do is go to and look for a used engine and have your mechanic install it. You can get the engine and have it installed for around $2k including labor and used engine. The only thing is that you need to get an engine from a 2008 and newer model. 2006 and 2007 is going to have the same issue as you have right now.