Mercedes Benz 190e - AC/Defroster Troubleshooting

Hello!  First I'd just like to thank everyone for all of their help so far and say (bc people have been asking), I will be doing a post to document all of the work being done on my 1990 190e.


With that being said, I it seems to be 3 steps forwards, 2 steps back lol.  Every time I think I'm nearing the end, I notice something else that needs attention.  Now, I've noticed that when my AC is on, I get cold air from the center ONLY; the sides and front windshield blower pump out hot air.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated now that the summer is finally kicking in.  So far I've recharged the system (it was very low) and checked the U shaped hose/valve that's under the hood near the fuse box (I did not notice any cracks).