Mercedes Benz 190e Power Window Fuse Problem

I just got my 190e a little over a month ago and there appears to be a little gremlin screwing around with the power windows.  To begin, the rear power windows have never worked; I assumed it was a problem with the regulators.  But now I've noticed that twice, I've blown a fuse for the driver's side windows.  Luckily I purchased several last time I found them but needless to say, I feel like blowing a fuse every few weeks is a sign of something bigger that can be addressed.  So;

1) Why do I keep blowing a fuse on the driver's side power windows?

2) Could that reason be related to why the rear windows don't work at all?


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MBFanatic made a comment.
11 months 1 week ago

It is blowing a fuse because the window motor is seeing too much resistance when it is going up (sometimes even going down, but not usually). As it gets harder to move the window, more current is drawn by the motor. Once it goes over the fuse amperage it blows the fuse. If you help the window by hand as it goes up, it should not blow the fuse.

I would remove the door panel and spray some lubricating on the window regulator and operate the window a few times. Spray some more. That hopefuly fixes your problem. If it does not, you may have an issue where the window rails are not alligned properly and causing too much resistance for the window to go up and down. Fixing this is more tricky. Requires slight bending of the rails to get the glass to move freely.

The rear door may have bad regulators to start with. Or maybe the switch is damaged. Don't think they are related to each other.


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