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I'm having problem with my 2009 S550 4matic. When ever I tried to play something on my system no audio is coming from fm/am, satellite radio, CD player or DVD. I have changed both the battery. Still same issue. All the buttons are working display screen working to. But I'm getting no sound out of my speakers. I have Harmon Kardon 7.1 in the car.
Please anybody can help.
What is this problem how we I can fix it
Thank's in advance.


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codyholder  1 year 3 months ago

Check the following fuse.
Interior Fuses Right side of the dash F1/6

Fuse Number Ampere Rating Designation
F77 50 Sound Amplifier A2/13

I had the same problem with Honda factory amplifier. The radio powered up fine, but no sound came out.

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maciek  5 months 4 weeks ago

I have the same problem, did you fixed your radio ? If yes what was wrong with it. Seems like my amp is not getting any power because the fan isnt spinning