Mercedes Benz CarPlay upgrade

I have heard rumours that if you have a 2016 or newer Mercedes there is a Mercedes factory upgrade kit at extra cost and installation that will give you carplay. I'm thinking of upgrading to a 2016 sl model and CarPlay would be very important to me. Could anyone give me some insight or experience with this please? (I'm new please forgive me if I don't understand where to search first.)


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MBFanatic made a comment.
8 months 1 week ago

Your dealer can upgrade your MB COMAND software and enable Carplay if it was avaialbe for that model latter. What I would do is call the dealer, give them your vin number and ask if they can upgrade so that you can have Carpaly. Of course, it won't be done for free, but I am not sure how much the dealer asks.

There is also CarPlay OBD Activator which allows you to do enable carplay yourself. It runs just over $100. It is a bluetooth dongle that you plug into the OBD II port under the dashboard and run it to enable carplay.

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vincelano made a comment.
8 months 1 week ago

Thank you so much. You've been very helpful. V

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BMWadict made a comment.
8 months ago

Most Mercedes from 2016 and up can get carplay and android auto. The dealer has to run a COMAND upgrade or you can buy the OBD2 device that will unlock it for you. Check with the dealer first to verify it can be done on your car. 


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