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I would like to share a problem that i am facing with my mercedes c200 of 2010. Sometimes the transmition upshifts too fast and its difficult to accelerate. I have tried to reset the transmission but still the same. 


What may be the problem?


Thanks in advance


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MercedesMedic  11 months 3 weeks ago

Have you check the automatic transmission fluid level? I would start with that first. The way you check the fluid level on that car is lift up the car and remove the trans oil drain plug. If there is no oil dripping it is low and needs to be toped off.

Your problem most likly is the valve body though. They do eventually fail.

Also have you ever done a trans oil change at all? How many miles does the car have?

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avraamcy  11 months 3 weeks ago

Thanks for your quick responce. The fluid level have been checked by my mechanic yesterday and its ok. I dont know it has been changed before since the car is used and also i have no contact with the previous owner. The mechanic told me that the problem is not in the gear box. He changed a sensor in the catalyc and he said it will be fine after few says. It needs some days for the system to be cleaned and adopt to the new sensor. 

Since the change of the sensor it happened  just once and the car seems more accelerate faster. 

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EuroTech  11 months 1 week ago

The mechanic could have cleared the codes in just two mintues. How is the car driving now?

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avraamcy  11 months 1 week ago

It still doing it. The mechanic replaced both sensors and he put a liquid in order to clean the catalyst. He said if nothing happens we have to send the calalyst for cleaning and check. If they are problematic we have to replace them. I dont know if it is the actual problem though or if my mechanic is experimenting. He said there is no problem with my gearbox