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Hi, my Mercedes sometimes saga on the n/s/r. I have check for leaks and scanned with das. Fault codes 5330/5340 was found. Rear level control valves. For some reason the scan wouldn’t perform the test of the valves. Does anyone no where the valves are located and can I swap them round to check if one is at fault.


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BMWadict  1 year 3 months ago

Y36/3 and Y36/4 are mounted on the rear struts. But looking at all the codes, I think you have connection issue. Or maybe a damaged electrical wire going to these sensors. I would lift up the car and track the rear axle level sensor wire for example. See if that is damaged or unplugged. Have you had any work done on the car recently? It is very unlikely for the three codes that you have to be on at the same time.

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