mercedes P0410 secondary air injection

Question by rhsanfran posted 7 months 2 weeks ago in C-Class

Hi, My 2004 c230 1.8 kompressor sedan sets a code p0410 when I try to clear the monitors by performing the drive cycle. I replaced the vacuum switching valve and the vacuum hoses. The air injection valve is working; it opens and stays open when bench tested with a hand vacuum pump. Changed both O2 sensors. I even pulled the exhaust manifold and blew compressed air into the air injection port and could feel air escaping through the exhaust ports though it doesn't seem like a lot. I feel a good amount of air coming from the supercharger to the injection valve for a short time when cold starting but I don't know how strong it should be. I'm a bit stuck right now and could use some advice/ suggestions/ expertise. Thanks RH