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I have a 2007 MB R350 with 175,000 miles on it.
I’ve noticed it has been gradually consuming more and more oil. Now it’s really consuming a ridiculous amount of oil, about 1-2qt per week!. But there is no puddles or drips in driveway and no smoke while driving. The only time I see blue smoke is , at cold starts after car has been sitting.
The check engine light is on. P2273 and 0172 & p0175 are the codes coming up on my obd reader.
Any ideas where all the oil is going?


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EuroTech  1 year ago

I think the oil is getting burned or it is leaking only when engien is running.


Have you looked under the engine for any visible oil leaks?

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princepanther  1 year ago

No leaks at all. I think it could be I need to replace the valve guides?

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MercedesMedic  1 year ago

Valve guides could very  well be the culprit.