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I hit a curb doing about 50 and it jambed the driver side front wheel.  It damaged the fender and the pressed steel suspension attachment points.  Everything has now been sorted out, including replacing the headlight, turn light and body panels.  The only thing that still will not work is the driver rear turn signal.  The bulb is good but there is no voltage to the light.  I do not have a wiring diagram to trace the wires.  The front turn signal and the side mirror signal work fine.  I need to know where to look and what to look for to effect the repair.  Wires, fuses, SAM, relays, etc.



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EuroTech  10 months ago

Front turn signal and mirror turn signal work, correct? It's just the rear turn signal.

Also did you try the hazard button. Does the rear turn signal light come on?

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mr.ridout  10 months ago

Front turn signal works.  Mirror signal works.  Rear turn signal does not work, bulb good, no voltage.  Emergency flashers all work also except driver rear flasher.

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Visitor  9 months ago

Does anyone have any idea where the wires go from the driver's side front turn light and the mirror turn light to the rear driver's turn light. Does it go through the fuse block/ Does it go to the passenger footwell first?

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