Mercedes W203 auto shifter problem

Question by lstynen posted 4 months 1 week ago in 2001-2007 (W203)

W203 C200 CDI 2003 automatic, (car has no brakepedal contact, but has brake pressure sensor) Car runs fine for few miles, sometimes a day, even a forthnight. Then either of the following happens (not right away from the start, but rather after coming to a full stop eg at a traffic light): 1) stuck in 1st gear, after stop cannot move lever through reverse, until shutoff engine. Restart sometimes does not work, sometimes does work, but still stuck in 1st. If engine does not engage, remove key for some minutes, try to start again is sometimes successful. 2) stuck in 3rd gear (I guess) car accelerates slowly before coming up to speed. Stop and shut down the car, restart engine and all is fine again, until at some point the problem repeats itself. Checked  the shifter electronics (no broken solder)  and plastic part (no broken parts), cleaned with contact cleaner. Codes P1856 P2003 P2313 P240C Can anyone help me? Thank you, Luc