Mercedes w204 ignition won't work until I move the shifting gear position from P to N and back to P

Question by ad84 posted 4 weeks ago in Mercedes-Benz


I have a Mercedes from 2010, w204, automatic transmission. For about 3 days I have an issue, sometimes, the car won't do a thing when I introduce the key in the ignition, I can rotate the key, but nothing is happening. When I open the door I can see the mileage, but that is everything displayed and will disappear after some time. The shifting gear is stuck in Parking. If I unlock the shifting gear from Parking to neutral and put it back to parking, the ignition starts to work and the car starts. The battery is new, recently I had some issues and the guys from the service told me to replace the battery, although the battery had around 80% electricity. It happened that two times my car remained without battery for some reason, the guys from service verified if I have any consumer that is eating my battery, but they didn't find anything. Before all these issues with dead battery and ignition, I had some issues with the car not accelerating over 3000 RPM. They said is something from the turbine, some electrical device. After they replaced that part, after two days I had the first issue with the dead battery. After I charged the battery for 2-3 days worked fine, then I had again issues with the car not accelerating. I went back to the service and they said they found a non-perfect connector to the engine, they replaced that and now I don't have issues with acceleration for the moment, instead, I have this issue with the ignition.  All described events happened in the last 2 weeks. First issue acceleration, second dead battery+acceleration, now ignition.

Thank you!