Hi everyone,

I am at my witts end with my parking sensors on my car and I am hoping you guys maybe able to help shed some light on my frustration.

I have a 2013 Mercedes c220 CDI (W204)

Right bit of a background, I bought my car from a Garage about 3 months ago and everything was working fine as I left the garage. Pretty much as soon as I got home the parking sensors stopped working.... Having had faulty sensors before it didn't really bother me too much to replace one.

I did the whole "click" test and listened and found the faulty sensor.

Upon removing the front bumper it appears that the car has had a front impact at some point in its life. I ended up changing what i believed to be the faulty sensor and put everything back together and this didn't fix the problem.

I took it to a local garage and they diagnosed 3 faulty sensors. So I decided to instead of risking another failure I would replace all of the front ones. I replaced the bumper and once again no joy.

I now don't hear a "clicking" from any of the front sensors (which I get from rear sensors) I've checked all of the fuses and also sprayed contact cleaner on all of the connections.

I quite literally have completely run out of solutions to fix this very annoying problem. Any help or advise would be really really gratefully appreciated.





Sorry to hear about your troubles with the parking sensor. They can be tricky to diagnose. If there were fault codes for three sensors all at the same time, I would look at other issues.   

The reason is that it is read for three sensor to fail all at once. Except in case of accident of course. 

What would be helpful in this case it to get the fault codes. Do you have them? Also did the shop do a full system scan? Were there any other codes? Especially CAN related faults. 

Is there any chance you can get that info from the shop? 


Thanks so much for your reply. The codes from the Mechanic were below.

B125D (PARKTRONIC Sensor 6 Has a Malfunction. There is an incorrect component Installed - Current Stored)

B1249 (PARKTRONIC Sensor 2 Has a Malfunction. There is an incorrect component Installed - Current Stored)

B1244 (PARKTRONIC Sensor 1 Has a Malfunction. There is an incorrect component Installed - Current Stored)

I replaced all of the sensors with "Genuine Parts" just to be on the safe side. Do you know why I wouldn't hear "Clicking" from any of the front sensors now? I thought it could be a connection issue but the connector right at the front looks in good condition.


Were the part numbers the same?

You need to do a little troubleshooting here. But it will be nearly impossible without a scanner. What you can do is swap sensor 1 and 3. See if the error moves with the sensor.

If the error moves, the issue is the sensor. It may be the wrong sensor. Even though it fit, the resistance could be different for example.

If the error says at the same sensor, the issue could be wiring or it could the parktronic module. If it any water gets into that module it can easily damage it. Any heavy rain recently?

Unfortunatley you will not be able to get very far without a scanner. Borrow one from a friend or look into getting your own.

OK, Ill see if I can pop along tomorrow to see if I can borrow my friends scanner again.

I'm intrigued with your thoughts about the Parktronic module, where about's is this housed and I can look into if this has got wet tomorrow. I'm thinking its something like a "Central" thing that is causing the issues as none of the front sensors are clicking anymore.

Check the wire harness to the sensors first. Especially behind the bumper. Check for any cuts where the accident was visible. 

The module is the last thing to consider. Parktronic module is usually hidden in the trunk. 

Keep us updated on your progress. 

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