Top of fender cracked when ABS failed and tire were turned.  This put pressure on the rim of the fender, and it cracked.  Solved the ABS problem.  Is there a glue that will mend the cracked fender?


Hi Leon

The CL fenders are metal if I remember correctly. Are you talking about the liner? Can you post a picture?

Hi:  Maybe some CL fenders are metal, but my 2002 CL600 front fenders are plastic.  It's almost astonishing, but I think Mercedes was trying to both push the materials envelope, and make the car lighter (I have two spare fenders, and they are very light weight).  When the car was new, it came with a brochure that described the care of the various body panels.  It names the plastic material for the front fenders, but it was too esoteric for me to remember.  I don't have the brochure here with me in the office, but if someone else needs this info, I can look it up.  With paint removed, the front fenders are white, semi-opaque.  I've seen similar questions posted on other forums, but never saw a response.  Apparently it's a common problem for those who do not replace their ABC system with coilovers (which I am in process of doing). Other than removing the fender and patching with fiberglass, or replacing the fender, I was hoping someone was familiar with good quick gluing method. 

Leon is correct. The fenders are made from a blend of polymide materials. MB didn't provide much more information than that. There are very few places that will repair those fenders and there aren't many products online.  If you wanted to take a risk I would try Ultra-Tac Polyamide Glue Sticks

I have not used it but it seems that would be the right product.

Here is a good read on the polymadie adhesives.

Are you having someone converter your ABS to coilovers or will you be doing it yourself?


Thanks for that link.  I read it, and I'll try the Ultra-Tac and post the outcome.

Purchased the Yellow Speeds, which appear to be adjustable in every meaningful way.  Also purchased some 430 anti-sway bars that I believe will bolt onto the CL600 without too much trouble.  The decision to switch was made easy after I experienced a catastrophic failure of the left front strut on a mountain road, driving only about 35 mph.  I've been shy of ABC ever since.  I do a lot of work myself, but I also have a good mechanic in Campbell, CA  that will install these for me--so I'm going that route, since I don't have a lift.  Sometimes I drive aggressively, so it will be interesting to see how the new "analog" system stacks up against the original.  I've seen Tavarish's video, and read one or two accounts on MBWorld, but I really have no idea what to expect.  I've read extensively about swapping out the tandem power steering pump as well.  I purchased 6 pumps for a number of different models of MBZ, and they appear to be all identical, except for the "Sprinter".  The pulleys vary in size and number of grooves, but 7-groove pulleys are readily available (contrary to some reports), so I purchased a few of those and in the next two or three weeks I expect to mate one of those pulleys to one of those dedicated power steering pumps, and make up some spacers and bolt the pump to a spare V12 engine I own.  This will make fitment to my driver fairly straight-forward.

Really appreciate you guys helping me with this.  Any comments or suggestions very much appreciated.




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