Can someone point me towards a good tutorial for removing the wood paneling on the center consoles for a MB 190e?

I recently purchased a 1990 MB 190e and one of the things about it that has driven me crazy since I got it is the wood paneling on the center consoles (near the AC & shifter).  Near the AC, the lacquer is peeling but worse is near the shifter; the prior owner applied one of those vinyl decals and the shade doesn't even match!  What's worse is that you can see bumps where the lacquer was peeling underneath.

I want to see how feasible it would be for me to replace them myself before I go crazy looking for parts.


Follow up question:

Will this fit the gear shifter console?

I'm really less inclined to work near the AC switches but  like I said, the gear shifter console is egregious as is (IMO).  The item being sold is from a 1984 and my car is a 1990.

Its the same car up until 1992 known as W201. So yeah, it will fit just fine.

It's been a while since I worked on a W201. From what I remeber put a flat head screwdriver and pop it up. Unplug all the wires and shifter boot and you are done.

Visitor, 2018-05-21

Sounds great; thanks! What is the shifter boot? Also, will I be using my existing buttons or the ones that it comes with? My buttons are better condition FWIW.

Also, how well will epoxy work on the peeling laminate around the AC?

You should be able to pop out the buttons from the panel.

Epoxy should work on the laminate around the AC but make sure to test a small corner first. Don't apply a thick layer.

Also do not use super glue.

Visitor, 2018-05-21

I'd be happy to post pictures! Is there a tutorial for that? lol

You can add pictures on the post anytime. Just press the image button you see above.

I would recommend creating your own POST. To create a post go to My account (main menu above), select POSTS tab and press Create New Post.

Posting this way allows you to save all your DIY projects  in one place.

Just to conclude, I got the piece in the mail and it looked great but the buttons were not compatible.  I suppose I or someone could have rewired everything but that's above my pay-grade.  Instead, I wound up removing the wood, sanding it down (the laminate was already gone) and then re-staining myself/sealing.  It's not a perfect match of course, bc the "new" wood is not as smooth or laminated like the rest but overall, it looks good and is a big improvement.  As far as the epoxy on the rest of the laminate, it's hit or miss.  It works on some of the parts that are peeled but others, where the peeling is more severe, are hit and miss.  In any event, thanks all for your help!  And yes, I'll post pics!

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