Ever since I got my 190e (about a month ago), the speedometer has worked intermittently and the odometer has not worked at all; now, even the speedometer doesn't work.  I wouldn't be surprised if the PO loosened a cable or something to stop the mileage from racking up (but that's just the skeptic in me).  Is there anything I can access/check relatively easily?  I'd really like to avoid taking the dash apart and I'm still relatively new to all of this.


You need to remove the cluster and check all the cables and wires on the back. If they are all tight, you may need a new cluster.


Here is your 190E IC removal DIY.

So, I wasn't able to get the cluster out but I was able to pull it out a little and tug/wiggle it.  When I put it back into place, the speedometer started working again (still not the odometer as far as I can tell).  My novice hunch tells me that the cable(s) are loose?


Mine did the same and I am sure you tried this

My speedo worked fine via the cable but the trip did not work nor the miles

It was the trip reset button was stuck a bit. I did notice a clicking and flicked the button and its fine now

If its the mileometer its probably the clocks but worth a try

I am in uk but have some spare clocks I wont be using

The engines in and the clocks and alarm are ok

Its just the starting and sorting airbag module etc to get it to run

A nightmare as no one knows. Im sick of looking at wiring diagrams but I will do it im sure

Thanks for asking 


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