Air suspension problem, I changed the left front air springs (strut), replaced everything correctly...started vehicle went thought proper procedures, the left front air springs never adjusted to correct height. Have tried to use a friends Star diagnostic to manual  calibrate was able to communicate with all air springs except The Front Left One. the compressor still pumps (i have let the air out of the right front spring it inflates properly). 

Don't know where to go next to Check the  Height adjusting sensor or or Valve Block

How do you check the Height adjusting sensor



I would physically inspect the level sensor at the strut that sits too low. Do you know where it is and how it looks? 

Yes I know its location, I've checked the connections, Pins are straight,  the pivot arm and linkage are connected 

What else to look for.

Are you sure the arm was not bent. It may look fine, but a small bent to the ride hight sensor, will throw the height of that strut out of calibration.

Can you get a hold of the scanner again? If you can, read values from the level sensor. Depending on the scanner that you are using you can also fill up the air strut using the scanner. There is a chance that the air line is leaking.

When we used the scanner we were able to adjust all struts except that one. the compressor didn't come on when the left front  was activated by the scanner..

so I am thinking maybe valve block or is there a Solenoid that controls each strut.

The valve block controls the pressure to each strut. Maybe it is your valve block then. But I would compare the reading from the level sensor with a scanner first.

Where are you located?

I would have been glad to help you out but I am in Baltimore MD. See if you can find someone with a good scanner, ideally Star Diagnostics. Most likly a bad line, level sensor or valve block. :) Keep up posted.

Will keep posted , will probably  change valve block but will check level sensor and line 

Much Thanks 

Hi Y'all  ( a little Texas lingo)

Well I'm riding level again sorry it took me a while , Only have time to work on weekends with bad weather and other things going on.

Two weekends ago I replace the left Height Adjusting Sensor ($33.50 vs$189.00 Dealer ) no change .

This past weekend replace the Air Suspension  Valve Block ($65.00 vs $510.40  Dealer) and that solved the problem 

Started at 1:30 and had all tools put away and car level  at 4:47  


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