I have a 2001 Mercedes Benz ML 320 and I totook it in to a mechanic.


He said the # 6 cylinder said it had a misfire from the code after he plugged his scanner in and he cleared the codes.

I let him know I just replaced the spark plugs with a # 9652 Bosch double iridium that took 12 spark plugs.

He said, from his experience it took him 3 tries to get the correct spark plugs that his Mercedes sedan liked.

He said, the factory spark plugs from Mercedes has a specific resistance that makes them run correctly.

The check engine light keeps coming on and is solid on and now the ESP/BAS light is now solid on.

Dovyou know what those lights mean and how do I correct it?



CEL may be on because of a bad ignition coil. Or maybe one of the wires from coil to the spark plug is loose on cylinder 6.

As far as ESP and BAS it could be the brake light switch or the ABS pump. Both very common failures.

You will need to read the codes with a Mercedes scanner to figure out the root of the problem.

84leader , 2019-04-01

Thank You.

yes the mechanic did switch the #6 coil to the # 4 coil to see if it was the coil that was bad.
Is there a good cheaper scanner that would work for this problem?

Any cheap scanner will show fault codes stored in the engine control unit.

But if you are still getting the missfire in cylinder 6 I would do a compression test.

84leader , 2019-04-04

Thank you for your help!

I'll get a scanner and see what the codes say.

84leader , 2019-04-12

The BAS/ESP light has gone out since the mechanic reset the codes and it hasn't come back on.

We've driven over 700 miles since it was reset . I didn't have to use a scanner after all.

Do you think we're in the clear for any lights to come back or do we need to drive more miles?

Thank you for all your support on this issue.

Thank You Kody

I woudn't worry for now. If they come up they will need to be addressed at that time. For future reference the ABS pump is known to fail on those trucks.

Hi there, just yesterday we took the Mercedes in to check and top off the fluids if needed and the service shop noticed the windshield wiper fluid was full.

The washer pump wouldn't even make a sound when activated and also the rear washer would not make a sound.

Do you think it could be a fuse out?

What else can I look for?

 Thank you Kody

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