Dear Youcanic Team,

got a W220 S350 BJ2005 the Vehicle ID is   WDB2201871A418273

It is supposed to use an old Nokia phone, which I do not have, and do not like.

The most important to me is a connection via Bluetooth to listen to Audiobooks while driving bigger distances. If I also can use it to make phone calls with the hands free of this car or even with the controls of the steering wheel would be great, but is not as important as to get the audio from my phone (Android) to the cars audio system.

Hope you can understand my bad English, and have a good solution for me.

Thank you and regards



Hi Anton,

There is no clean way to get this done without replacing the head unit. The good thing is that you can buy an Android Head Unit for W220.

If that solution is too expensive, then take a look at these alternatives:

Hi, MBFanatic,

great, thank you, the first very usefull answer I got.

May I ask you two more question, which hopefully you can answer:

1) do you know anybody with one of these Android head units? I wread in some german forums, that those do not work in the car as the original head unit does.

2) The work around with the App which makes the car believe that the there is a call, and lets me play music woul be great too, because I only use it for Audio books - so stereo is not a problem. Do you know an Adapter which will work in my car (I only found something to place an old Nokia Phone)

Sorry to bother - thank you and regards


Sorry, I don't know of anyone who has one of those units on a W220. The main difference though is that the car uses D2B optical bus. These units don't support that. Which means you have to skip the stock CD changer and amplifier. In other words the installation is a little tricky with these. But they do offer a lot of neat features. It may be worth the effort in money is not an issue.

If you figure out how to make calls, but can't play music them try this app: Stealth Audio Player -  I am sure there are other free apps that route music to earpiece.  If you find a different app please feel free to share.

The cheapest and easiest solution would be uisng a  FM bluetooth transmitter

Thank you MBFanatic,

So I think, I do not like the Android slution -  some are claiming that the support is rather poor, especially, if something gets broken durin the warranty period.

About the FM Transmitter, yes it is the cheapest and a good solution to (have two of them) I used that before, but I can't close the ashtray anymore without disconnecting ist, and if I move from place to place, I have to change the frequency from time to time, because I will always find a tranmitter sending in the frequency of the FM Bluetooth transmitter somewhere (going a feww hundred kilometers). Therefor I will have to stop and change the settings (or what i did - stop listening and wait for leaving the Radio Transmitters range.

So I tend to the App - Sorry, I was not clear - the app would be less of a problem, I was thinking - thank you anyway. But I need something I plug into the car so my Head unit starts using my phone. I checked in the internet, think those are called cradles. But there are many different types available and I have no idea which one will fit. Do you know by yourselve, or a way how to find out?

Thank you and regards



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