i have benz w220 2003 get flooded and found rear sam damage, replaced and now comand not working, and srs alarm activated, front light left side low beam not working, and right turn signal and foglight not working

any advice and help,

my battery before dead and now voltage before starting 12.1 to 12.5V now car used only few hours over one month because the issues

please refer to my post bellow the scan of fault before light issue comes up



Don't worry about the SRS light. At least not yet. You need to fix the audio system then try clearing the SRS light. A failed audio system will trigger the airbag light. I have seen this many times.

The other thing is that you may have a defective cluster and also a bad audio gateway module located in the trunk.

Can you post the code pictures here? They tend to get lost over time in car forums.

could you guide me to solve the issues,

i try to upload the photo but only able to upload one,

i open the comand into parts and reassembly, also rear audio gateway i open it and i see board looks great

now the comand issue and front lighting as well srs

i try many thing but still not success

please guide

Have you tried to check all wiring connectors and module because it submerge with flood water. Maybe some connectors and modules develop corrosion particles because of the flood make sure to clean properly.

This module i open before it have fiber optic in and out one coming from looks comand and out go to another module which the first one found rusty and second one fine, light come in first module but nothing out


I bypass the previous module and comand working with sound fine only voice control found disable, cd changer fine as well, 

yesterday as well hazard continue flashing i research and. Suggest to replace siren so i remove and no more hazard flashing, but now srs and front ligths issue

Car internal open

Is your radio working properly now?? Still getting sound from speakers? 

Also can you rescan and post the codes?? 

Radio working fine, sound ok every thing looks fine,

Now srs and front light issue still, as last scan show one light module fail

It's better to replace light module then re scan. Flooded unit make you costly because it submerge to flood water and you need to do step by step to determine the extend damage cause by water. And depends on how long and deep the car stay in flooded water. 

I just go through the scan result i found alarm with part number 2208602585 i research it looks like srs issue related, and front light 2208203885 module failure but that one successful reset by Star scanner? 


I exchange the ballast between front light, it is same left side xenon not working and left side turn light not working i check the turn light i found it is still healthy 

You still have a bad SAM. Can you please post the codes that have Present status? 

I check front right side same, i disassembled it I didn’t see any sign of damage, if you could go through the list of photo that i post, and guide me if possible to check before rescan again

You can't spot water damage that easily. Especially if it didn't stay in the module didn't get too wet. Reading codes or doing a full scan is your next step  

You can't spot water damage that easily. Especially if it didn't stay in the module didn't get too wet. Reading codes or doing a full scan is your next step  

I have test front light xenon, i exchange ballast, and bulb and bulb unit same right side xenon working and left not, while fog light on right not working and left working similarly turn light left working and right not

The problem that time i scan but all what i got from scan was useless until i go and do bypass on the module that i have mentioned before 

After troubleshooting and research i found this


where they mention the right SAM responsible for full right light

except low beam on right and left low beam controled by right sam I conclude the issue with right SAM and i open i found one cable lose fixed light fine now only the issue remains with srs alarm

any help

I have scan the system and alot of fsult present reset, and now fine, srs as well alarm reset, i try to remove right seat one by one srs cables, alarm comes, reconnected, again i reset i am not sure if it is good way to test functionality of srs system, only air bag i reset i dont have any idea to test

All these codes are stored. Try clearing them. Let us know if any of them come back after clearing. 

Thanks bro, I already cleared,

i scan again after doing clear for the codes,

nothing come back 

wow I have happy that this complicated mystery is solved. Please keep posting your questions and allow us to serve you.

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