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Submitted by kristapsklodžs on June 4, 2020

Hi everybody bought a 235i F22 from auction listings, knew the car will have problems. The car arrived I instantly drained the oil, when I opened oil filter didn’t have to be a mechanic to understand that there was water mixed with oil, so I drained everything that i could and washed the engine several times with new oil’s and oil filters till I couldn’t see water mixed with oil, then I poured new oil new filter and started the car the car started but was running like diesel engine, ran a diagnostics scan said that several cylinders misfiring, changed sparks but still with no luck :( I don’t know how the water got to the engine but it’s not antifreeze because antifreeze level isn’t dropping at all.  My question is what would the water kill first inside the engine? (My thoughts maybe valvetronic) This is what diagnostic tool showed me ID14001 misfire several cylinders: Fuel injection is switched off ID140010 combustion misfires, several cylinders detected ID140101 misfire cylinder 1: Fuel injection is switched off (basically its showing these faults for all 6 cylinders) You can start the car is running but I think only on 2 or 3 cylinders and inside the car showing drivetrain fault. Any ideas would be great, Thanks :)




How are you? I was browsing our pages and found this. As you mentioned you bought this car in an auction, was there any papers included like when was the last time the has been serviced. For now we cant really tell why did the owner sold this car, as what you were saying that there is a mixture of oil and water but the coolant level is in the correct level. A milky-brown oil color is an indicator that water and oil mixed up. 

I got a question, have you tried to use an engine flush before you do the change oil? Check the oil dipstick, if there are bubbles that another sign that water is mixing up with oil.

Water in your oil is a big problem right off the rip.  There are two reasons I can think of for this.  One, the car was never driven long enough to properly warm up the engine, and so condensation got into the oil and pooled up over time.  Two, the head gasket failed internally and is now leaking water into the engine oil, which is bad.  The problem with that is the water prevents the oil from properly lubricating the engine, which means all 6 cylinder walls are likely scored from too much friction and the rod bearings are likely in bad shape too.  Judging by what you've said, you also have bad injectors resulting from all this.  If you really want to keep this car, have a reputable shop tear the engine down and look to see what the damage is.  If it's salvageable, have them put new injectors, spark plugs and possibly piston rings in it.