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How long should I allow to drain and refill my ML350 automatic gearbox, I have the use of a four poster ramp. It is close to 100,000 miles now and we tow a large caravan so I thought better safe than sorry.

  Thanks for any help forthcoming.

  Chris Brooks.




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MBFanatic  7 months ago

Are you removing the pan? 

If not, 99% of the oil in the PAN will come out in 5 minutes. The problem is that a lot of oil is still held in the lines, inside the transmission and the torque converter. 

You will only be draining about 4-5 L out of about 12 L that the system holds. 

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roth69  6 months 4 weeks ago


Yes I will be removing the pan and fitting a new filter.




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MBFanatic  6 months 3 weeks ago

If you are droping the pan, the fluid will drain within a few minutes. 5 min max. That's only the fluid in the transmission pan though. Check if your torque converter has a drain plug. You can remove quite a bit of fluid from that as well. 

Make sure to check the transmission fluid level and do not overfill. 

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roth69  6 months 3 weeks ago

Thanks for that, I believe the ML has a drain plug on th tc and the idea is to check the level before I start and collect and measure how much I can get out then refill with an equal amount, the pain is getting it in through the dip stick tube.  I wonder if I could use my little 12 volt pump to transfer from container to box?

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