ML 430 Differential

Question by sherryhoeyeatkinson posted 6 months 2 weeks ago in M-Class

I was changing the ball joints on my ML 430 and ran into 2 issues. The first is I ended up taking out both transaxles at the same time and now it seems a rod has dropped down in the center of the differential so the transaxles will not go in far enough. How can I fix this? The second question is the reason for the first. The passenger side upper ball joint bolt was tilted over at about a 30 degree angle. This is why I was changing them. When I attempted to reassemble that side, it was very difficult to get the top control arm connected. It seemed like the control arm was 1-2 inches too short so when back together the rotor was tilted way in at the top. There does not appear to be any damage to the control arm brackets or frame. Any suggestions on what to look for?