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dealer does not offer SAS separately just in a steering column assembly. purchased SAS used unit on e-bay and shortly after installation the same code(C1140) reappeared. local mechanic who read the code stated that he had some bad experiences with aftermarket parts in these type vehicles and would recommend dealer only parts. researched online yesterday and found a SAS unit manufactured by a reputable German firm. can anyone shed some advise about this approach? an entire MB replacement steering column is a lot to consider versus a quality SAS unit. thank you!!


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MBFanatic  4 months 2 weeks ago

Have you tried clearing the fault code and also performing steering angle sensor calibration ?

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ml320tinkerer  4 months 2 weeks ago

Yes the mechanic cleared the code and calibrated used unit.  Light appeared within 10 miles of driving and mechanic checked to discover SAS  indicated about 13 degrees out of calibration. He erased code again and recalibrated unit. This time we traveled about 80 miles before light came on again. Mechanic stated that SAS indicated about 190 degrees out of calibration. He also said that he was not sure if aftermarket products would resolve the problem since he had encountered problems in the past. even on other types of vehicles. Since the new unit online is manufactured by a reputable German company I am in need of some guidance versus a complete MB column replacement.