ML350 Bluetec OM642 bluetec DPF regen cyclus

Question by kimkarlsenkarbu posted 1 week 4 days ago in Mercedes-Benz

Hello experts. Im owner of a 2012 ML350 Bluetec. The car has 120.000km at clock. The car runs fine, and i have zero errors in Star / Xentry.

But i`m wondering arround the dpf regen syclus for this 642.826 bluetec engines. My regen syclus starts pretty often, arround every 150km for city driving (20-40kmh speed), and about every 300km for long distance driving (90kmh++ speed). I have checked in star / xentry and all seems fine. Soot builds up to 100% filling inside dpf, and when 100% is reached, then regen starts. When regen is finish, Xentry show about 0-2% filling in DPF. So it works as it should. When regen starts, it takes 20-30km to finnish. So the system works as it should, and as i say no codes. Its no black smoke from the car, and all sems normal.

But i think the regen cyclus is to often. My older ML w164 ML350cdi NON Bluetec has a huge longer syclus. Is there any experience arround the regen syclus for OM642 Bluetec engines??

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