I have the following issue with my transmission. The vehicle was running fine then suddenly i heard a bump then the vehicle started to slow down. it eventually stopped and any pressure on the gas pedal was just increasing the rpms without car movement.. the vehicle could move freely if pushed back or forth which allowed me to tow it. I have read all the posts and none seems to be the case i am facing. the vehicle engine start well and everything is normal. No alarms or fault code. The gear shifter moves normal between park and Drive but the low gears d to 4,3,2&1 does seem to be working  (not shown on dash display). When returning to park from R a ratling sound is heard like a relay or solenoid that would not settle.I checked underneath, and there was no mechanical issue with the linkage.I tryed the low range and it change normally but no car movement as well. Please advise on what could be the problem.


From what you describe there may be a problem with the shifter module. If you are not seeing PRND on the dashboard 99% of the time the shifter is the issue. But in those cases the car will usually get stuck in limp mode.

Did you spill any liquids on the center console?

Other possibilites include a conduct plate issue or low transmission fluid. Maybe an issue with the shifter link to the transmission. It may have come loose.

Do you have a good scanner that can pull transmission codes? If not maybe stop a European car shop and they can scan your car for a small fee.

Then let us know what codes come up.

Thanks a lot for your response, it is encouraging to see that the the transmission may still ok, i checked the bottom. Linkage and it looked fine under the shifter, not yet the other side on the transmision block but i doubt it is loose or broken. I think it is mostly electric as the noise is coming from the shifter side when moved from R to P but not sure if there are other devices beside it that could generate these problems. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • The transmission has been going again, do not know exactly what happened to get it to work. The only thing i did was to lift both front wheels up to check undetneath it. I did not find anything wrong, but i put it down and tried it, to my surprise it worked perfectly. I supose some kind of reset was done to it but could not find any reference to confirm it. Comment are more than needed as i am still not confident driving it for long distances

Hey you can try to do a reset yourself.

See this article: http://www.mercedesmedic.com/reset-mercedes-benz-transmission-procedure-instructions/


Let us know if that helps or not.

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