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I would like to upgrade the MMI with one that is compatible but with a much easier way to update Maps, integrate with my Andriod, and has its own GPS antenna - where should I go to get it and to be installed.

Abe - Orange County, CA.


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MBFanatic  3 months ago

What year is your Audi?

I like the aftermarket solutions becasue they offer a lot more features than the stock Audi MMI. For example this head unit has features such as Carplay, AirPlay,  parking sensor,s rear camera, 360 view, and you can install a bunch of apps on it as well.

As far as installtion goes Sears will do it. Or any other automotive audio shop in the area.

If you order a unit onine make sure it is compatible with your model year.

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Abeiis  3 months ago

Hi MBFanatic,

My Audi is 2010 A6 C6 4F 3.0L Quattro. Yes, I like that but how I can ensure that all connectors will fit and I presume that the steering controls will work as well.

If I go for this unit, where I can install it?

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