New Audi Key

Question by B_man2010 posted 10 months 2 weeks ago in 2006-2008 (B7 8E)

I just recently bought an Audi S4. It came with one key/remote combo but it was most definitely wore out. So I purchased a new one online. When it arrived I just put the old key and everything from inside the old remote on the new one. Everything works for starting the car but the buttons don’t. So I tried the hold the unlock button down  on the remote and while holding it out it in the ignition turning it to position II. That didn’t work I also tried just putting the key in again on position II and holding the unlock button on the door for 30 seconds again for 3 seconds holding both at the same time. Still nothing. The only new key remote not just a battery change requires two keys. But I only have one. What else can I try before I have to go spend a mountain of cash for the dealer to do it. Audi S4 New remote but old insides needs help making the buttons work. Remember I only have one key!!