Nissan Qashqai 2013 Sudden Loss of Power after 2 hours trip


My Nissan Qashqai (2013 Petrol engine 2.0 CVT Automatic transmission) was working perfectly until about a year ago.

Whenever I am on the highway and we have spent about 2 hours on a trip, the car suddenly loses power and cannot accelerate to overtake any other vehicles, Pressing the throttle pedal to the floor the engine speed does not increase past about 2500 rpm. the vehicle speed cannot go above about 30-50 kmph.

I have checked and cleaned the MAF sensor and air cleaner but the problem remains the same.

Ambient temperature on the dashboard is between 30-38 degree Celsius when the problem occurs.

The vehicle cannot climb a hill or incline in a heavy traffic or does it very slowly, BUT the engine never dies out and even the air-conditioner works perfectly while the problem persists.

After stopping the engine at the shoulder of the road and resting for about 30 minutes, the car works fine as if nothing happened before. But after some time the problem repeats itself.

All the while the car dashboard does NOT show any malfunction indication. Not even a CHECK ENGINE Light. I have taken the car to the Nissan Dealership for servicing and checks 3 times but their system could not detect any fault. The car has made only about 25,000 kilometers from brand new.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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EuroTech made a comment.
11 months 1 week ago

You mentioned that the car does not trigger the check engine light. What I would recommed is that you keep a OBDII scanner in the glove box. When the problem happens again, plug it in the OBDII port and read the codes. You may find that there is a pending fault code. A pending code will not trigger the check engine light. And since the problem resets itself after about 30 min or so, it will never become a permanent code. But from what you describe this is defenetively a sensor issue or ECU problem.

When you scan for codes, you don't need to turn off the engine. Just pull over when the problem occus, plug in the scanner and read the codes.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.


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