No chime sounds not Audi. Not bluetooth mute buttons display on screen

Question by RobertStaniet posted 3 months 1 week ago in 6-Series, M6

Hi Everyone I am sorry to  bring this up again however I found a link and it answers lots of my questions and not all. So here goes.

I have a 645 Ci on a 2004 plate. I brought the car very impulsive as it was a car I have dreamed of owning. In turn recently I have had a mute symoble come on my Lower screen on the I drive display and no sound. No chimes nothing. No music. I go to have radio station and it jumps right back to the original station but again no sound. It had an after marked CD changer futted not by my self I'll add and has had a display warning head until not programmed correctly however has worked for over a year liek this and played CDs from the changer. I have order a Male and femail fiberoptic loop as I was told I could work my way through the module. My AMP logic 7 has power and lights up with in the amp and has the red light from the fiberoptic cable. My phone however will not pair am lead to believe it could be my bluetooth that's bad. Is it a case of location of TCU and seeing if it has a red light shining from the fiberoptic cable? Then just connect the loop the the cable and by pass the TCU. What happens it the light is there?? Again everyone I' to this please be gentle I am now very desperate. Any help guys and girls would be so much appreciated I want to get back to driving my pride and joy asap. It sounds thick but if I find a fiber connection but I plug the init or to the res light fiver cable. Any helpmwould be amazing. A very stressed BMW owner