No Power Going To The Car/Battery Fuse keeps B;owing

Question by misty_joi_squier posted 1 year 1 month ago in 2007-2012 (L32/U32)

bought a car with out being told it was a salvage car. after buying it i started experiencing some problems i had AAA tow it to an auto collision repair shop where they did an estimate of the back end to see how much it would cost to properly restore the car as it was not safe for the road. and i am taking the guy i bought it from to court. Once the estimate came back to be just over $8,000 i had the car towed back home. Once it got here it wouldnt start it had no power going to it all. after tryin to jump start it and still no luck the battery was put on a charger over night and it was put back on the car. Again no power my boyfriend tried his battery from his Chrysler 300 and it started. but again once my battery was in it still there was nothing. but he did notice the fuse connected to battery cables had blown at this point. So we went and got another fuse and put it on. Right away soon as the cables touched the terminals that fuse blew as well. we got another one after finding a piched wire in the taillight on the drivers side. Put the fuse in that we had switched out thanks to the lifetime warranty. i am worried that if i go and get another fuse and it blows again i will not be able to get another one with paying another $30 to get it. I can not afford mechanic to do the work for me at this time since i ionly was able to get the car from a small settlement i received from a personal injury lawsuit that left me unable to work. can somebody please give me an idea of where to start and how to do so i can fix it myself since i cant get anybody to help me not even my boyfriend