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Mercedes S320 CDi, 2001.
The engine turns, sometimes tries to start, but unfortunately it doesn't.
Then it starts and runs ok, but if I park it and leave it then the problem starts again.
And now it doesn't start at all.
Only happened in the past few days.
I had run the fuel low and since then this problem has started.
Please help.

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MBFanatic  1 year 3 months ago

Sorry to hear about your car problems. First I would check the battery before you try to start the car. If the battery voltage has dropped you may have an old battery or a battery drain problem. If the battery is not the problem, I would get a gauge and check the fuel pressure. These cars are very easy to check the fuel pressure on. Connect the gauge on the fuel rail port, and you should see the fuel pressure. If the pressure is not constant or is low, the fuel pump and filter may need to be replaced.