I replaced the valve body and conductor plate due to the car going into limp mode and then stop moving at all. Vehicle ran fine for about 10 miles then slipped out of gear and went limp and wouldnt move again.

I have a autelal319 code reader which brings up P0700 which points to the tcu. I can turn off the check engine light. Which Scanner would i need to reset the TCM and how would i go about it as far as where do i hook the OBD2. Into for a 05 MB C230K?

I can start the car and it will shift through all gears and move but after a few minutes it wont go into any gear.  It will still shift and cycle through all gears and i can hear and feel it move into each gear but car still wont move. Is it the tcm code that needs to be reset to enable the vehicle to stay in a gear and move?

Anyways back to my main question, which scanner should i buy in order to reset transmission the code that keeps popping up everytime i turn the vehicle on?