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I currently have a 2016 2500 Sprinter with the 2.1 liter OM 651 engine.  I am trying to install the Frantz oil filter system to the engine but I cannot find a picture or location where I can tap into a high pressure oil line from the engine, oil pressure sending unit or pressure sensor, and then where to plumb in the return line from the bypass filter system back to the engine.  I do not want to tap into the oil pan with a fitting. 

Any pictures or suggestions would be a great help!!  Thanks. 


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Boki  1 week 3 days ago


Oil pressure sensor should be located just below oil cooler, next to oil filter housing. 

Front side of the engine. 



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mitssac  1 week 3 days ago


Thank you. I will take a look at this area and see if I can find a location where I can get what I need. 


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