Out of fuel

Further to my original question running out of fuel on my 320 ML . My OBD11/EOBD reader gives PO 303 code and says that there are misfires on 2.3.6 are these likely to be injector faults or sensor faults and how are cylinders numbered looking from front Thanks in anticipation  


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MBFanatic made a comment.
11 months ago

One of the reasons you don't want to let the tank go to empty is that dirt in the tank can get forced through the system. 

I would do a fuel pressure test as well. Here is the numbering on the cylinders. 

m112 cylinders

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SilverArrow made a comment.
11 months ago

Many thanks BMF identifications of the flagged up injectors will be very helpful. Yes I did perform a pressure test on the fuel rail which gave a steady reading of 5.1 bar -75psi so this would dispel my original thought of damaged fuel pump through dry run ,and any damage to diaphragm in secondary filter which I believe can be a problem in this system! I presume that on stripping the injection system that they can be cleaned d a proprietary de sludge fuel solution? Regards Mike


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