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I have a Mitsubishi RVR 2014 model purchased brand new. I have been using it every day since I got it and loving it. 


Recently I just noticed some side mirror vibration (driver's side) when I'm driving on high speed or even some semi-rough roads. Comparing the vibration to the passenger side, driver's side is worse. 


I have tried to tighten the screws attached to the body, screws below the mirror assembly and the screws behind the mirror (gimbal part) but I still experience the issue. I have found that driver's side has more tightened adjustments than the passenger side but still having this issue. 


I'm really wanting to know what could be causing this and how this can be resolved. Last thing that I have not tried is replacing the whole assembly but I'll leave that as last of option as it would cost me a lot that a simple fix (hopefully) will get this resolved. 


* btw, dealership has checked it and closed the case as "nornal" aka no trouble found scenario. 

 I would appreciate help on this! thanks


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MBFanatic  6 months 3 weeks ago

I have seen this problem in the past. The two most common causes are: 

Either the bolts to the side mirror are loose. It sounds like you already checked that. 

The side mirror glass to housing is not seated properly or the attaching method is poorly designed. 

In this case it sounds like the glass itself is not mounted properly. What you need to do is find out how to remove the glass without breaking it. Then install it to make sure there is no installation issue. On the back of the glass you will have a few tabs that lock the mirrior in place. One of them may broken or not secured properly. 

If you don't find anything wrong with it, I would try to come up with a way to improve/modify the mirror. 

Post some pictures in here to give us an idea what that mirror looks like on the back. 

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