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Hello all! I'm new to the Forum and this is my first post. I just bought a 1990 Mercedes Benz 190e and it's in good running condition but needs some minor cosmetic work that I'm taking upon myself. The first and easiest will involve touch up paint. I understand that the codes for the main color are on a metal panel (under the hood?) and I plan to check there later tonight; any confirmation would be greatly appreciated. Moreover, the Car has the main color of course but on the bottom, at about tire level, there's a lighter shade of the main color on the doors. Where would I find the paint code for that? Thanks in advance!


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MBFanatic  8 months ago

Great buy. Those cars last forever.

On the older models the paint code was on the sticker under the hood. In the mid-90s they started printing the paint code on the driver's door jamb. It is a three digit code such as 040 for black or 744 for silver.

To get the paint code for the cigarette shade you have two options. Either call the dealer and provide them with your VIN. They will be able to look up the interior colors as well.

Or if you have an EPC subscritpion you can do it yourself. If you have never used EPC don't bother, because it takes time to get used too. Just for reference here is the link:

Remember to take pictures of your DIY create a post if you can.

How many miles on your 190?


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MBFanatic  8 months ago

This chart from Classic Dye Products may also come in handy.

 mercedes interior

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Visitor  8 months ago

I was able to figure out the color of the accent panels with this site:

I have Andorblau Metallic (it's basically a lighter blue)

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