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My 190e has the old style hood emblem and I'd like to polish it.  I just want to make sure before I do; is the emblem stainless steel?  I'd hate to polish it and then realize I'm basically exposing some base metal underneath.  Not likely but I just want to be sure; thanks!


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EuroTech  8 months 3 weeks ago

Hi Vmancini, 

I have seen a few broken MB hood emblems and they are not stainless steel. I don't know about the one in your 190e but my guess is that it is not stainless steel either. 

A new MB hood emblem can be found on eBay for around $30-$40. I would go with OEM though which you can online as well. The aftermaket Mercedes hood oranaments fade after a couple of years. 

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Visitor  8 months 3 weeks ago

Oh; good thing I asked!

It’s in fine shape; you have to get up close to notice any issues so I’ll probably just leave it for now.