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Well I have multiple issues and wanting to figure out if all related or??? Don't have the money to be taken advantage of. Last week I noticed a little lag when starting the engine...but started so went about the day. Went away for the holidays so car sat for days so when I go back it started but lag was much worse, that was for two days. On the second day it started but steering was very hard and engine lite and ecs (i think) lights were on, abs, I believe most lights on the dash were on....except gas. ??? This was morning so drove to work...went out at lunch and wouldn't start so got a jump and took to get new battery hoping that would clear all. Well car starts great but lights are still on and still no power steering. I hear no noise just very hard to steer. Not sure if it needs the diagnostic test....just steering fluid....or a more steering problem. After new battery yesterday, I cant pay for checks and guesses.....just not sure what or where to start to fix problem.


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MBFanatic made a comment.
1 year 4 months ago

Have you checked the power steering fluid level? 


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