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My 03 E500 sat for a while (about a year) and when I started it up, everything worked well. Not long later, turning of the steering wheel felt hard. The power steering fluid reservoir is topped off to the recommended level
When I turn the wheel, there is no humming noise like you hear when there is no fluid, except when I turn it to either the extreme right or extreme left. Turning is very tight/stiff but seems like there is a little assistance from the power steering pump. It's not as tight as if it wasn't working at all. Any suggestions in what I might try prior to replacement of the pump?


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EuroTech  1 year ago

I would flush the power steering fluid.


Remove the return line and allow it to drain on a pan. At the same time slowly add Mercedes Power Steering Fluid to the reservoir. This will allow you to do a complete system flush.

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Aaron Ah You  1 year ago

Thank you. I will give it a try. Hope it works!