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I have a FORD FIGO 1.4 L diesel , the car runs good under 2800 RPM but when I push it over 2800 or 3000 RPM the powertrain warning light starts blinking with sudden power loss, after restarting the ignition the light goes off and come up again if I cross 2800 RPM, it used to go upto 4300 RPM earlier. 

could you please suggest what could be the issue ? 

Now the engine is very noisy i am not getting any change in fuel efficiency,


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MBFanatic  4 months 3 weeks ago

Diagnosing this problem can be tricky. 

My first thought was that there may be a restriction on the exhaust. Common problem is with the catalytic converter. As they age they don't allow as much exhaust gasses flow. 

This can also be a fuel problem, vacuum or ECU. 

I would recommend that you read the trouble codes from the ECU after this problem occurs. There may be a pending dtc. 

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