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I have a 2005 SLK 280 Mercedes which originally came with a hands free mobile phone, unfortunately some where along the life of my car the phone was lost, there is a connection socket for the original phone in the centre consul but it does not support my Motorola G5 which does have Blue tooth facility.

Does anyone know of a fix for this problem without having to go to the nearest Mercedes dealership which comes with a starting cost of $1,000 just for asking the question, (just joking) but you get my gist.

All the necessary hands free requirements are there, "key pad" "steering wheel buttons" "inbuilt mic" I just need to marry my phone to the car, is this possible??? without costing a fortune. ie. more that $50.00.


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MBFanatic  7 months ago

Sorry to hear about your lost Motorola phone. I have research this in depth and the best alternative would be if your SLK is equiped with an aux in line. If it is you can get an Bluetooth to Aux In adapter.

If your car does not have an aux in line, but has an iphone/ipad cable, you can use an adapter that will fit to that end to connect your phone to the car stereo.

For more details take a look at this article:

See option 4. Connecting to cars that have iPod 30 pin connector.


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stuart1752  7 months ago


Thanks MBFanatic, have read option 4, will do thanks for the tip.

Stuart t.


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