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Submitted by mauricesmith on November 15, 2019
Trying to locate fuse 43 and 58 for 2006 CTS DRL systen


Darlene Ray

I have a symbol on my dashboard that will not go off it is a square box which is silver with a yellow check and 3 blue dots behind it. I use the selector choices on my sterring wheel. I can change to speed, mileage, tire check but it will not go off and let me add the middle section of selection. What does this box mean? Cadillac XT5
When was the last time you had your oil changed? That might be a reminder that the car needs service.


The 43 and 58 fuses are in the passenger side fuse box in the engine bay. There's a diagram and there should be a little tool on the fuse box lid to help pull the fuses.