Rack and Pinion Leaking need to identify the replacement seal needed

Mercedes Benz, ML350, 2003;  Seal PIC around rack & pinion line connection, fastened by a cap with a E-Torx head nut, see PIC.  Can anyone provide me with the part number or even nomenclature of the seal that seats the E-Trox headed cap?  This is where my rack and pinion is leaking.  There are a lot of rack & pinion seal kits out there but I don’t know which one has the seal I need.  


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MBFanatic made a comment.
11 months ago

This is a weak spot on these cars. Have seen R and GL with leaks at the same spot but to be honest I have not tacked this repair myself. 

Because this seems to be a common issue, I would call the dealer and ask them if they have a seal or O ring to fix this problem. 

Or you can post the VIN and I can see if I can do some research for you. 

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Mick Galusky made a comment.
11 months ago

MB Fanatic,


That would be great if you would?  The local dealer is not very interested in looking up parts that they do not get the installation fees for putting on.    

VIN:  4JGAB57E73A442488

Thank You!



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MBFanatic made a comment.
11 months ago

Just talked to a local MB dealer and they do have replacement O rings. They are about $7 dollars for each o ring. I would recommend you get the parts from the dealer. I can see the parts online but they are cost slighlty more. Plus you want to double check that you are getting the correct part. 

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If you don't mind, can you POST a DIY when you replace the O rings on your car?



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