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My 2006 W220 seems to have an air leak in the rear. In the morning I noticed the rear end was low on wheels. I started car and got red take to workshop message. I pushed the raise car button on dash and rear end came back up to normal height. After about 6 hours it drops about 2 inches in the rear only. Is it a line leak?

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MBFanatic  1 year 5 months ago

Park it in a level surface. Let it drop some then check. Does it drop more on one side than the other? It may be a bad suspension air bag. It will cause the whole back to drop since only one of the airbags can't keep the back of the car up. It can also be a leak in the line. Typically where they connect to the top of the rear air bags. You should find a shop that has star diagnostic scanner and have them read the codes. They can perform some testing with star diagnostics and they will be able to know if it is line break, leaking at the valves or the air bag.