Having a new battery fitted to my 2013 SL63 AMG, I was informed that the car needed to be 'recoded'

Having resetting various operations using the instrument cluster...everything works ok...windows, folding roof, radio...etc etc...., but I cannot get the door mirrors to 'unfold' when opening/unlocking the doors. I have tried over and over using the instrument cluster to 'enable' the folding door mirrors, but with no luck.....anyone have any ideas.....

Thank you



From what I think, you need to recod the window. Just follow these steps:


1. Push they key in the ignition of the car

2. You can either start the car or simply turn the key to start the circuit so you can power the windows

3. Roll down the windows of your car and once they are down, keep on holding the 'down' button for another 5 seconds

4. Then once 5 seconds are up, roll back the windows up and hold their for another 5 seconds.

5. After 5 seconds are complete, release the button of the window

6. Now try again, did it help?

Thank you for your input, very much appreciated, I tried a few times doing what you suggested, but unfortunately....no luck. They still stay in the 'folded' position.


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