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Submitted by Mohammed Sahil on August 3, 2020

Hi All,

I bought an used W211 220d 2003 model recently.

When i checked the fuse box in the trunk, the fuse 13 is broken and no fuses in ports 11 and 12.

What would be the implications. When i googled, i found that

11 - Rear end control unit ( found that fuse no 7 is also Rear end control unit)

12 - Cargo area connector box

13 - Interior socket

I am planning to get new fuses, but would like to know the purpose of the above



These seem like circuits for the station wagon model. 

It is normal for fuse slots to not be used. They are often reserved for additional options that your car may not have. 

What you can do is look at the fuse slots. If they metal terminals, then you probably need a fuse there. 

But I think what you will find is that the holes where the fuse terminals go are empty, meaning there is no contact. The contacts are visible if you look closely. They usually are copper. Compare the fuse spot with another fuse spot that has a fuse in it. You will be able to tell if there should be a fuse there or not.  

11, 12  it might be for additional use or your car doesn't have that option. Just replace the broken fuse