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Submitted by dustylist on September 30, 2019

my e320 has sat for a year or so and i just replaced battery under rear seat, now the steering unlocks but the notice on dash says Remove Key it will not turn and won't go out of park. any suggestions?


Hey Dusty, any updates on your car? what was the error code? i was thinking it could be some of the sensors. considering it sat for a year. hope it wasn't anything major and/or expensive.

Hi , I did some research with your problem "Remove Key" and you must scan your car with a scanner tools and read errors

You most likely have an issue with the ignition module or also known as EIS.

I hope you had the key removed when you changed the battery.

As Fisi mentioned above you need to hook up your car on Star Diagnostic and troubleshoot further. Where are you located?

Yeah, first of all you should use a scanner to trace what the actual error is.

Did you pull the key out of the ignition while continuing to hold the "lock" button ?

Finally got it on the trailer and sent it to the repair shop and they can deal with it. Thanks